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The art that I create is inspired by what I see and  an accumulation of my experiences, ideas, interests and the things I find humorous or intriguing. I am inspired by the life and style of California, vintage pop culture, fashion, architecture as well as biblical numerology, simple gematria and quantum physics.


My early roots in advertising and being a founder of an outdoor advertising company have led me to love and lean toward creating either abstract , mixed media pieces or “statement” art that combines words, numbers, images and bold color. 


My “real” name is Tina Kleinjan Setzer, my “alias” is Tina Who. I’m a SoCal Native, a Cancer with my moon in Leo, an extroverted introvert, parody song writer and Mom to three great kids.  I have a love of leather and blue jeans and wear my watch on my right wrist if I'm wearing one at all.  

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